Saturday, April 5, 2014

Face talk hd

Make your photo talk.  Face talk HD $.99

Kenneth Griswold- check out YouTube capture app

Makes uploading to YouTube a snap, especially for longer videos.    There is a setting to automatically reduce resolution to 360p for faster uploads. 

A new book.epub (

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Smash Mrs. Diffate Green Screen Goofiness

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Passing notes, 4th grade, 2014
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Pic collage and thinglink

Explore this interactive image: John Stephens lives in Los Angeles with his wife and dog ...
See it now at:

Via ThingLink

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Smashin' it up,

Kenneth Griswold. Smash up share

Since emailing video didn't seem to work. Here is the YouTube link!

You can check it out here:

Green screen fun

A little fun with green screens and iPads.  

Thanks for having us here!!!

Kenneth Griswold smash up share.

Green screen vid

2 green screen vid mixed with a hopeful spring background. It will eventually be spring, right???

App Smash Day

iMovie, green screen, tellegami, sock puppets


Explore this interactive image: The Amazon River
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Simplifying rational expressions

Upgrade ThingLink to Teacher Account!

Upgrade ThinkLink to a Teacher Account

Log in to ThingLink in Safari
Google "ThingLink Teacher Account" and click the top result 

It will upgrade your account! 

-Jen Legatt

Pic Collage update

I meant to mention that Pic Collage now has a school setting- read about it here:
This makes searching photos safer- and more educationally friendly.

Lindsay Welch
I-Learn Specialist
Eden Prairie School District

Thinglink project

I used iMovie, YouTube, tellegami, and my camera to create an
interactive Thinglink on digital citizenship. It also includes a video
our students made this year about staying safe online.

Brenda Baird
3rd - 5th grade
Technology Teacher
North Elementary School
Princeton, MN

AppSmash project with a few pic collage tips

Laurie Schmidt

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Green screen

I found an inexpensive green screen on Amazon for around $30. Then I picked up a 10 foot PVC pipe and some Command hooks at Menards to hang it up. It works really well for us using a video camera and iMovie on a computer. I can' trait to try it with the iPads.

Kenneth Griswold: Gas Giants- pic collage thinglink smash-up

Explore this interactive image: Here is my smash of PicCollage and Thinglink at #appsmashday
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